House Brands

House Brands

In order to strengthen our position on the market, PACBELIMEX has launched its own brands: « Delicious » for strawberries and «Pacbel» for tomatoes. These are exclusive trade names for Pacbelimex.


Certified quality

• Plantation in greenhouse
• Regular shape with bright green ruff
• Very high quality and size 2AE/AE
•Demanding specifications (most of the growers are GlobalGap Certified)

Our strawberries are available all year long and are mainly from Belgium and Spain.

Full traceability

To guarantee full traceability we work together with a short list of growers or exclusive retailers. In addition, thanks to our proximity with the production basin, if the merchandise arrives on day D in our warehouse, we can make it possible for the products to be in your warehouse the next day.

With Delicious you are ensured the best growing and supply conditions.


Delicious strawberries exist in 3 different size packaging:

MDF type of crates

60-40 -> 8x500g
50-30 -> 8x250g
20-30 -> 1kg

To guarantee the freshness of such a large range of products, our truck picks up the merchandise on a daily basis at the Hoogstraten and Malines auctions.